Levi Spirit

Forty-six holiday homes were designed for the place where mountain Levi meets the Ounasjoki River. The terrain is formed of typical, northern, thinly scattered pine trees and it inclines towards the Ounasjoki River.

The villas are 260 m² in size, and their area of use is 450 m². The main idea was to place the living functions as well as a carport, storerooms, technology and terraces under one roof. With the solution, spaciousness and a harmonic end result were aimed for while keeping the number of buildings to a minimum.

The building has two-storey, and a loft functions as a third storey. The architecture reflects the traditional wooden house, and the narrow shape enables a good view from all spaces of Lapland’s natural environment. The unity is complemented by patios and terraces as well as the open views spreading out in three directions from the living areas.

Functionality and living satisfaction as well as quality of living and privacy were the key factors. In addition, sports and free time activities were taken into consideration when designing the facilities. Positioning the buildings side by side with another similar building was considered in the interior and exterior architecture. The look tried to achieve timelessness and avoid ostentation.

The ground floor houses the areas for everyday maintenance and sauna area, and the upper floor houses areas for dining, living and sleeping. A chamber (kammi) is placed on the second floor, and a centrally placed fireplace creates a local ‘Lapp hut’ feeling.

The frame is made from wooden elements, and the interiors are hand-crafted. The cladding is in greenish grey. The walls on the inside are made from dark brown pinewood boards, and the floor is grayish oak. The fixtures are made to order, and the finishing touches can be seen in the textiles, carpets and curtains. The goals were that the buildings are easy to clean and maintain, and durable.