School lunchroom and freetime facility

The property is slightly off of the town centre, next to an outdoor swimming pool and the ‘town hall’, with views of the valley and the Trièves mountain range.

The building houses a school lunchroom and facilities for children’s freetime activities.

The design’s starting point was the simple beauty of a square shape. Construction was kept as low as possible and entirely on the horizontal plane.

Furniture and structures bring a sense of order to the open floor plan where the various spaces are not otherwise closed off from each other. This gives the space flexibility for a variety of different uses and lets visitors admire the beautiful surrounding scenery.

The building has natural ventilation, and natural light flows into all parts of the building through incisions and a skylight.

The foundation is a reinforced concrete slab, but all other structures, the exterior cladding and most of the interior cladding are wood. The structures are local solid wood, and the exterior walls are built from prefabricated elements.

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School lunchroom and freetime facility

  • مَوْضَعَ | Monestier-de-Clermont, France
  • غرض | School lunchroom and freetime facility
  • المُنشئ / العميل | Communauté de Communes du Trièves
  • Investointikustannukset | 1220000€
  • التصميم المعماري | r2k-architecte
  • الصور | Sandrine Rivière
  • نص | Olavi Koponen