House Schildt

Three-storey detached house on a steep northwest-facing slope. The simple, gabled solid wood mass was designed for architectural timelessness, technical durability and a small footprint. The building divides the site into a front yard with traffic and a natural back slope.

The construction site is located in a built-up area in Soukka, Espoo. The site slopes towards the northwest and has a height difference of about ten metres. The surrounding area is quite densely constructed. The back part of the site has a pleasant natural incline. The building divides the site into a front yard with traffic and a natural back slope. The intent was to keep the building footprint small and to spread out the space over three storeys. Because of the steepness of the site, the ground and first floors both have direct access to the outside. The building’s sunny terrace doubles up as an integrated overhang that shields cars from the elements. The placement is good in terms of daily sunshine and enabled leaving the back slope in its natural state.

The simple, gabled building mass was designed for architectural timelessness and technical durability. The building façade consists of finely cut vertical cladding made from spruce. The wood facade has been treated with a dark finish. The intention was to emphasise the compact building mass with a dark shade and to fit the building into the forest slope rising in the larger landscape in the background.

The main activities in the home are grouped around the high-ceilinged living area in the middle floor. The middle floor spaces visually connect the nature of the back slope to the long views opening up to the northwest. The living areas open up towards the natural light of the morning and evening sun. The natural state of the living forest and its seasonal changes are an integral part of the view from the kitchen and dining area.

The high-ceilinged living area is the heart of the home’s interior. The middle floor is set off from the living area with airy railing instead of walls. This loft-like approach provides a sense of space, letting the floors blend into each other. The living spaces and working area are on the top floor. The building’s slanted ceiling also extends into the living areas, giving the children unique, loft-like rooms with a mezzanine.

The wood used in the interior has either retained its natural colouring or been given a white overcoat. The integral colour scheme of the interior is intentionally understated, mostly using a combination of white surfaces and natural-coloured wood. The landscapes opening out from the windows and the life of a family with children add their unique splashes of colour to the interior.

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House Schildt

  • مَوْضَعَ | Espoo
  • غرض | Residential building
  • المُنشئ / العميل | Private
  • الصوت | 830 m3
  • التصميم المعماري | Architects POOK
  • التصميم الإنشائي | Koski Consulting Oy
  • الصور | Kuvio Oy
  • نص | POOK / Pentti Raiski