The Tonttu Sauna

The sauna is located on top of a rock which rises 200 metres above sea level. You reach the sauna along a little path through a cornfield, which leads to a sheltered terrace. The walk up to the sauna is part of the purification process.

The sauna structure is based on a nineteenth century barn which was moved to its present site in the 1940s. The building was not used for 50 years and fell into decay, but it has now been given a new lease of life as a sauna.

In the renovations, rotten logs were repaired and the cladding replaced where necessary. The new ceiling, the terrace and the bridge are all in spruce which will turn grey with time. Inside, the duckboards on the floor, the seats and the sauna benches are all in selected spruce. The new planed wood, which is light in colour, contrasts with the old distressed surfaces of the logs.

The building is a primitive sauna where all the activities take place in the same space. The space is high so there is a suitable temperature for each, sitting in the steam, washing and relaxing. From the top sauna bench there is a door to a bridge leading to a bath tub.

Drawings were made of very few of the details which were mainly worked out on site with a skilled local builder.

Proyecto en breve

The Tonttu Sauna

  • Ubicación | Soini
  • Utilidad | Sauna
  • Área total | 16 m2
  • Volumen | 72 m3
  • Diseño arquitectónico | Lassila Hirvilammi architects Ltd.
  • Pääurakoitsija | Tmi Petri Piipponen
  • Fotografías | Mikko Auerniitty
  • Texto | Anssi Lassila