Onni Well-being Centre

The Onni Well-being Centre, which houses accommodation for the elderly and services for all residents of the municipality, complements the block of buildings surrounding the market in the centre of Pukkila and gives a completely new face to the market.

The common area for residents of the municipality, i.e. the café with a high atrium, forms the heart of the building. The lantern-shaped upper part of the atrium, which opens out onto a Japanese garden, forms the highest part of the building, which is supported by round glued laminated timber pillars.

The wooden building that has long eaves is divided into units in line with the various functions, which create a cosy and village-like milieu. The wooden roof bordering the market continues inside as glass-walled corridors which open out onto an inner court and terrace, facilitating movement around the building.

The wooden structures inside and out are the foundation to the architecture. The use of a lot of wood improves the acoustics of the building and creates a cosy atmosphere. The ceilings are finished with various types of plywood or common alder strips and boards. Birch veneer boards and wood battening have been used for the walls. The floors of the community centre and fitness area are heattreated solid birch. The water mist sprinkler system that covers the entire building makes it possible to use wooden structures and linings.

The basis of the design has been to support elderly people in engaging in independent activities, to allow unrestricted access in the premises and to use colours and wood materials to create an attractive living environment. The multipurpose objective and need for flexibility to adapt the premises also guided the design of the building.

Proyecto en breve

Onni Well-being Centre

  • Ubicación | Pukkila
  • Utilidad | Sheltered home and Well-being Centre
  • Constructor/Cliente | Pukkilan kunta
  • Diseño arquitectónico | L&M Sievänen Architects Finland
  • Diseño estructural | Insinööritoimisto Pontek Oy
  • Fotografías | Kimmo Räisänen
  • Texto | Liisa and Markku Sievänen