The Hägerström Sauna

Located on the edge of Porkkalanselkä in the outer archipelago of Inkoo, the building is situated so that the rugged landscape, the sounds of nature and the dramatic views are consistently close-up and tangible.

The size of the cottage is 29 m², including the living room, dressing room, washroom and steam room. The living room is separate from the sauna rooms. The building’s partially slanted footing is the result of the ground topography. Attached to the external facade of the living room is a covered porch fitted with folding glazing. The porch can be connected to the living room to create an additional semi-warm space.

Although the building is itself exposed to the wind, it is positioned so that the wind sweeps over the exterior of the building to create a sheltered outdoor enclosure. In front of the house, a fallen pine tree has taken root via its branches and is growing vigorously, providing additional wind protection.

The building consists of a standard 5” self-supporting timber frame with flax insulation. The external cladding is fine-sawn Nauvo archipelago pine. The board edges are grooved to ensure tight sealing of the weatherproofing beneath. The cladding will gradually fade to grey, in harmony with the colour of the local rock.

The doors and windows are made of Nordic pine. The interior walls are birch plywood and fixed furnishings are maple. The interior surfaces have been oil or wax treated. The sauna benches are made of small-leaved linden (Tilia cordata).

The building uses solar and wind energy.

Le projet en bref

The Hägerström Sauna

  • Emplacement | Östa Langö, Inkoo
  • Emploi | Sauna
  • Maître d’ouvrage/Client | Leif Österholm
  • Superficie totale | 29 m2
  • Conception architecturale | Hasse Hägerström
  • Conception structural | Hasse Hägerström
  • Photos | Arno de la Chapelle
  • Texte | Hasse Hägerström