Master Degree Programme in Structural Engineering, application open 3-17.1.2024

3.1.2024  –  17.1.2024

The application for the Master Degree Programme in Structural Engineering, with focus on wooden buildings, is open 3-17.1.2024.

These studies are optimized for flexible learning and studying, parallel with fulltime employment. The courses are carried out primarily as online studies i.e., lectures tied to time but not to place. Students are expected to participate in all the online lectures to be able to pass the courses.

Lessons are primarily one weekday afternoon a week (usually Wednesdays at 15:00-18:00).

The courses in Structural Engineering of Wooden Buildings equips you with insights and tools needed to take a central role in creating sustainable and climate-smart buildings.

Courses are based on requirements for the scope of studies in building technology and structural design of wooden structures for exceptionally demanding structures, as well as study requirements in building mechanics and building physics, in order to have sufficient competence for exceptionally demanding wooden structures.

The education meets the requirements of the Finnish Ministry of the Environment guidelines on the qualification of building designers YM2 / 601/2015 and FISE’s requirements and criteria for wooden structures and load-bearing structures in wood, as well as building physics.

Additionally, this programme deals with fire dimensioning, stiffening, and sound technology in wooden structures, as well as the climate footprint and life cycle calculations of wooden buildings.

To be able to take part in the courses you need to have Bachelor’s degree and/or Master’s degree in the field of topic.

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