KoskiMel – Melamine coated furniture board

KoskiMel – Melamine coated furniture board

KoskiMel is a melamine coated furniture board in P2 and P5 strength grades. KoskiMel products are classified as the best finishing materials, M1 according to The Building Information Foundation RTS.

Advantages of KoskiMel products

  • finished surface
  • wide range of colours and patterns
  • good surface moisture resistance
  • easy to keep clean
  • easy to work
  • the strength of the board is constant in every direction
  • environmentally friendly

Besides standard colours, customised colour coatings are available. With KoskiMel boards it’s easy and quick to make durable furniture that feels pleasant in use. We can also coat customer’s boards (MDF) or use customer’s films.

Applications for KoskiMel products

  • fixtures
  • furniture doors
  • furniture
  • kitchens and bathrooms
  • curtain pelmets and window sills
  • doors, panels

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