KoskiDecor birch plywood for furniture and interior design

KoskiDecor is made of Finnish birch plywood with improved face and core veneers. Both sides of the board are coated with a coloured translucent phenolic film that leaves the wood grain visible. Alternatively the board can be coated with an opaque laminate.

KoskiDecor features

  • improved face and core veneers
  • coloured, translucent film leaving the wood grain visible
  • taint and odour free panel suitable for food products
  • smooth surface easy to keep clean

KoskiDecor is an ideal material for the furniture and joinery industries. Its features provide smooth and superior surfaces that are ready for use.

KoskiDecor applications

  • desks, table tops, shelves
  • fittings for kitchens, offices, shops
  • garden furniture
  • joinery products, interior cladding
  • vehicle walls and bulkheads
  • signs, billboards

More information on Koskisen’s website.

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