WISA®-Birch plywood

WISA-Birch is a multipurpose product of high quality for various applications where an excellent strength to weight ratio is needed. Birch plywood is strong and there are few materials that can compare when it comes to its weight to strength ratio. Birch plywood maintains its dimensions and strength at various conditions. Due to its light, smooth and even surface WISA-Birch offers an optimal base for different overlaying methods.


  • Excellent strength/weight ratio
  • Possibility to customise according to customer’s needs
  • Light, smooth and hard surface, easy to paint or varnish
  • Wide size and thickness range available with strict tolerances
  • available PEFC or FSC certified

End uses

  • Multipurpose panel
  • Vehicle floors
  • Construction
  • LNG Carriers
  • Furniture
  • High end packaging

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