Stora Enso ThermoWood®

Stora Enso ThermoWood® is a natural choice for end uses where long term durability and dimensional stability are desired. It is a great material for products affected by changing climate conditions, which have an influence on exterior claddings and garden structures. For the interiors, the attractive brown appearance and removal of resin makes the product a good choice for use in saunas, interior panels, furniture and flooring.

Stora Enso ThermoWood is produced using high temperature and steam. Since no chemicals are added during the process ThermoWood contains only renewable substances. As a result of the ThermoWood process, the dimensional stability, biological durability and insulation properties are permanently improved. The properties are consistent throughout the entire cross-section.

The ThermoWood process is patented and the trademark is owned by the International ThermoWood Association.

​​​​​​​​​ThermoWood is an environmental friendly choice.

  • Ecological – no chemicals used
  • Attractive appearance
  • Biological durability and dimensional stability
  • Consistent treatment throughout the whole cross-section
  • Resin-free
Thickness18 – 42​ mm
​Widths ​93 – 143 mm
​Lengths3.300 – 5.400 mm​
Wood speciesPine​ or spruce
​GradesThermo-S and Thermo-D​
​ProcessingThermally modified​
Strength classN/A​
MaterialThermally modified pine or spruce

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