Primed exterior cladding products

Exterior cladding products are primed with ecological, water-soluble primers in standardized and controlled conditions using an efficient vacuum spread. Primer creates an excellent adhering surface for the next treatments and protects the panels from moisture and sunlight before the next treatments. The products can also be painted with different shades according to the customer’s needs.

The primer is applied at the mill when the absorption of paint and adherence to the wood are at their best.

  • a uniform finish because the wood’s moisture and painting conditions are always constant
  • creates an excellent adhering surface for the top coat of paint, which makes the surface finish more durable
  • protects the wood from moisture and sunlight before the top coat is applied
  • speeds up the painting process if the surface is to be painted directly after installation
  • gives the builder respite if the final painting is to be performed at a later date

Koskisen primes its exterior cladding boards on a modern painting line

  • the shade selection has been carefully considered
  • we use water-dilutable Teknol 1881 alkyd paint
  • the paint contains substances that prevent wood from blue-stains and mould as well as pigments that protect from UV light
  • the paint protects the wood until the final painting after building is possible
  • Teknol 1881 fulfils all the requirements for exterior cladding primer
  • the top coat can be done with oil or dispersion paints

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