Stora Enso Strength Graded Timber

We provide a wide range of ​end use specified wood products for structural use in the construction and building industry. Our products such as CLS offer our customers cost efficient, ecological and flexible solutions.

The manufacturing processes are designed for different customer needs and they are continuously improved and developed with changing requirements.​

The high quality of European raw material gives our products excellent strength values, appearance and consistent quality. The products are manufactured for use by builders, home improvement centers, retailers or truss and wall panel manufacturers. They are the optimal building material for timber frame houses, such as commercial and residential construction, as well as for industrial applications. Our customers appreciate the high and consistent quality enabling them to save time and money in any application.

  • Highly accurate size tolerances
  • Superior form stability and surfacing
  • Consistent and uniform quality
  • High environmental standards
  • Flexible sizes and lengths

Technical details Australia

Thickness38 – 89 mm​
​Widths38 – 286 mm
​Lengths​In solid from 1.8 – 5.5 m
Finger-jointed 1.8 – 24 m
Wood speciesSpruce, pine and douglas fir/larch​
Moisture content​18 +/- 2 %​
​ProcessingPlaned, finger-jointed, head treated, PET, Machine stress graded (MSR)
​GradesALS/WCLIB No.1, No.2, 1650F, 2100F

Technical details Europe​

Thickness35 – 55​ mm
Widths75 – 225 mm
​Lengths​2.4 – 6 m
Wood speciesSpruce
​​SurfaceRough or planed
Moisture content16 +/- 2 %
Processing​Machine and/or visual strength-graded, reqularised, PAR, PET
​Strength classCE C14 – C40, TR26​

Technical details North America

​​Thickness38 – 89​ mm
Widths38 – 286 mm
Lengths​In solid from 1.8 – 5.5 m
Finger-jointed 1.8 – 24 m
​Wood species​Suruce, pine and douglas fir/larch​
Moisture content18 +/- 2 %
ProcessingPlaned, finger-jointed, head treated, PET, Machine stress graded (MSR)
GradesALS/WCLIB No.1, No.2, 1650F, 2100F

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