Duo and Trio Laminated Beams by Stora Enso

Duo/Trio laminated beams are industrially manufactured products ​made of ei​ther two or three planks or pieces of timber glued together by their flat side with the fibers running parallel. The classic character of the beam and appearance of solid wood are well preserved. They have excellent characteristics as a building material for exposed ceiling beams and rafters.

Duo/Trio laminated beams offer outstanding dimensional stability and minimal splitting. The outstanding dimensional stability and low moisture content makes them particularly suitable for the construction of timber houses. Duo and Trio beams are produced in standard cross sections. The advantages of standardization for trade and the processing industry are obvious: produced as stock, short delivery times, economic planning and construction. On top of this we are able to produce Duo and Trio beams on your demand – flexible, individual and fast.​ ​

Duo/Trio Beams are offered in two visual qualities: Si for exposed structures and NSi for hidden structures and in variable lengths up to 16m. To minimize deformation of timber and the associated adverse effects on structures due to shrinking and swelling, an average residual moisture of 12% ±2% has been set.

  • For dimensionally stable timber construction
  • Excellent value for money
  • Maximum load-bearing capacity
  • Attractive appearance
  • Usage in exposed and concealed areas​

Technical details

​Thickness60-240 mm​ (stepwise in 20mm graduation)
Widths80-240 mm (stepwise in 20mm graduation)
Lengths13 m (up to 16)​
​Wood speciesSpruce (pine on request)​
Moisture​ content​max. 15 %
​GradesSi-visible quality, NSi-non visible quality​

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