Stora Enso Exterior Cladding

Products for exterior and interior construction

These ready to install products can be used for exterior claddings, interior wall and ceiling panels or floor boards. The products are ideally suited for construction companies, industry, retailers and DIY builders and made out of spruce and pine.

We provide high quality European planed & profiled softwood products with high accuracy. All of the products are planed and mini bundled or neatly shrink wrapped.

Exterior Claddings

The high quality cladding boards are available natural or factory primed in all colors on the exterior paint color chart. On these top quality products insect damage, rot, patches, blue stain rotten knots, discoloration or finger joints are not permitted. The boards are kiln dried and of the quality AB or higher. Impressive exterior claddings add value to your building.

Technical details

​​Lengthsrandom lengths (min. 1,8 – max. 6 m, in 30 cm steps)​
Wood speciesspruce or pine​
​Moisture contend16 +/- 2 %
GradesA, B, AB

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