KoskiTherm – under floor heating board

KoskiTherm board is quick and easy to install and uses no extra adhesive substances, meaning no extra drying time. The final floor, depending on the material, can be installed directly over the structural board covering the piping. The system is based on ready grooved flooring panels for water-circulated heating systems with 20 mm or alternatively 16–17 mm pipes.

Advantages of KoskiTherm under floor heating panel

  • efficient construction
  • quick and easy to install
  • maximum thermal efficiency with reduced heat loss and lower fuel costs
  • ready immediately, no extra adhesive substances or drying time
  • even heat distribution with consistent performance
  • substantial savings in material costs
  • the final floor can be installed directly on the board
  • quick reaction to temperature regulation

Main parts for installation

  • KoskiTherm structural chipboard
  • board size 30x600x1800 mm
  • groove for 20 mm pipe
  • space between grooves 300 mm
  • weight 20 kg/board
  • all sides with groove and tongue
  • 30 mm board thickness allows max. 450 mm space between supports

KoskiTherm end pieces

  • board size 30x600x600 mm
  • weight 6 kg/board
  • curved groove for pipe bends
  • two sides with tongue and groove

Pipe (for example Uponor Wirsbo-pePEX)

  • good heat transfer
  • pipe has oxygen diffusion barrier
  • the system’s own Q&E (Quick & Easy) connectors do not damage the oxygen
  • working pressure max. 6 bar
  • working heat 70 °C, temporarily max. 95 °C
  • erecting gap 300mm
  • consumption approximately 4m/m²

Aluminium heat release sheets

  • aluminium
  • sheet size 2000 x 280 x 0.45mm
  • consumption approximately 1,33 pieces/m²

More information on Koskisen’s website.

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