KoskiWall – Chipboard for interior walls

KoskiWall – Quick and easy installed wall board

KoskiWall is an uncoated board for dividing walls and for the internal facing of exterior walls. The boards can be nailed with ordinary wire nails or screwed onto the studs. They are also very easy to plaster.

The advantages of KoskWall products

  • rapid installation
  • easy to work
  • solid and dense surface
  • heavy objects can be secured firmly onto the wall
  • the strength of the board is constant in every direction
  • good sound-insulating capacity
  • environmentally friendly

For dry conditions we recommend a straight-edged 11-mm-thick board. If the walls are subject to heavy loads, the 12-mm-thick board with a straight or matched edge can be used. For moist conditions, we recommend KoskiWall P5 board.

Applications for KoskiWall products

  • exterior walls
  • internal facing
  • ceilings
  • roof support boards (P5)

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