Door and door frame components

Stora Enso Building and Living offers finger-jointed wood component solutions for door and door frame manufacturers. Door rims (stiles & rails) are ready for assembly products, while door frame components are meant for door frame manufacturers. 

​Door frame manufacturers can improve the performance of their end products by using Stora Enso WoodHeart® components. The optimal heartwood content in the product is​ reached by using a careful selection of raw material. Thanks to the natural durability of heartwood and the smaller moisture movement WoodHeart components ensure far greater consistency in stability and durability without the need for modification.

  • Form stability via finger jointing
  • Highly accurate size tolerances
  • Consistent and uniform high quality
​Thickness27 – 55​​ mm
​​​Widths35 – 123 mm​​
LengthsLong lengths 5.5 – 6.0 m, module cut lengths​
​Woo​d speciesPine and spruce​​
​​Moisture content8, 10, 12 +/- 2 (%)
​​SurfacePlaned, rough​​
​GradesPine: 1–4 side clears & sound knot quality.
Spruce: customised knotty quality​​
​​Strength classN/A ​​
ProcessingPlaned, finger-jointed, glue laminated, module length cut​​
​Glued productsEdge- or face-glued products into L or Block profiles​​​

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