Koskisen planed timber, spruce

A wide variety of different profiles from Finnish spruce

Koskisen Finnish planed goods cover a wide range of smooth planed profiles. The raw material is high-quality spruce. The quality of the products is ensured with a quality system. The machining is excellent with state-of-the-art accuracy. In our ultra-modern plaining mill completed in 2009 we produce high-quality planed spruce timber. The raw material of the plaining mill is graded according to the customer’s and product requirements. We can define the customer-specific quality, desired degree of drying and packaging details.

Our selection includes a wide range of different profiles. The products can also be delivered tongued and grooved, bundled and shrink wrapped as part or full packages. Planed all-around timber is available in strength graded classes C 24 and C 30.

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