Puuinfo Oy awarded Finnish Social Enterprise mark

Puuinfo Oy has been awarded the right to use the Finnish Social Enterprise mark in recognition of successfully combining of commercial and social goals.

Social enterprises can work in any sector regardless of the form of the company. The Finnish Social Enterprise mark awarded by The Association for Finnish Work helps reliably identify these enterprises. The Finnish Social Enterprise mark can be held by companies that have been set up to solve social and environmental problems and dedicate most of their profits to this purpose. Demonstrating transparency and the openness of activities is also crucial.

“It feels good to have acknowledgement for Puuinfo as a company and for our services about the intentional nature of the activity. In our operations, we have focused on promotion of wood construction and use of wood that is important for the environment. This will help, among other things, work, livelihood and well-being throughout the country. It is good to continue on this road being a responsible spokesman for wood,” states Managing Director Mikko Viljakainen from Puuinfo.

“Finnish Social Enterprise activity provides a new perspective for considering the future of Finland’s welfare state. Companies awarded the Finnish Social Enterprise mark build society through good values,” states Brand Manager Niina Ollikka from The Association for Finnish Work. “These enterprises do good and share good.”

Further information
Niina Ollikka, Brand Manager, The Association for Finnish Work, niina.ollikka@suomalainentyo.fi,  tel. +358 40 674 8773

The Finnish Timber Council called Puuinfo seeks to promote the use of wood in construction and interior design to create demand for wood products. It disseminates impartial and readable research findings on uses of wood and serves as an information channel for enterprises in the wood products industry. www.puuinfo.fi

A company awarded the Finnish Social Enterprise mark resolves social and environmental problems in its commercial activities. These companies dedicate most of their profits for attaining their social goals. www.suomalainentyo.fi/yrityksille/yhteiskunnallinen-yritys/

The Association for Finnish Work strives to increase appreciation and to ensure the success of Finnish work. The Association manages symbols that tell of Finnish work, influence purchase decisions and challenge the renewal of Finnish business