Smoke sauna

The ancient rite of taking a lakeside sauna is also cleansing on a spiritual level.

A smoke sauna is an experience for the senses and a tradition stretching back thousands of years, combining the heat of the stove, a robust log structure, and the comforting scents of the smoke, wood and pitch.

The unique location — a vertical cliff wall with a view illuminated by the evening sun — and the descent from the soft steam of the sauna to the cool water are essential components of the Asikkala smoke sauna bathing experience.

The architecture is designed for enjoying the beauty of nature, with room for social interaction and peaceful solitude.

Traditional builder Juha Kärkkäinen created the smoke sauna on the high shore cliffs of Lake Päijänne, using an architect’s sketches as a starting point. Engineer Lasse Rajala designed the structures.

To keep the surface serene and uniform in such a small structure, the logs were joined with salmon head joints. The vault stove is heated from the outside, and the wood for heating the sauna is stored within arm’s reach.

Particular attention was paid to controlling the heating process in all wind conditions.


Smoke sauna

  • Местоположение | Asikkala
  • примене́ние | Sauna
  • Общая площадь | 27 m2
  • Архитектурный дизайн | Tuomo Siitonen Architects
  • Конструктивное проектирование | Lasse Rajala DI
  • Pääurakoitsija | Juha Kärkkäinen
  • Фотографии | Rauno Träskelin
  • Текст | Tuomo Siitonen