Villa Krona

In the archipelago up in the northern part of the Baltic, there is a small, remote island which provides a panorama of changing seasons: sunset over the Gullkrona islands fills the vast open sky, while sunrise paints the rocky islands in different colours.

In springtime, birdsong proclaims the end of the severe winter. Warm midsummer days are filled with the scent of pine and juniper. Autumn gales drive the waves over the rocks and gradually the sea freezes to form abstract shapes of drifting ice. Finally, the snow covers everything. The Villa Krona was built to experience all this as a counterpoint to hectic city life.

The geometry of the building is linked with the shapes and colours of the surrounding granite rocks and with the grooves left in them during the Ice Age. The elevations are clad in larch which will develop a beautiful silvery-grey patina. Plants of the stonecrop family grow on the roof, which in summer will turn from green to brown.

The building is constructed of prefabricated glulam frames. The frames were transported to the site by helicopter. Inside, warm pine and cool ash give the interior atmosphere.


Villa Krona

  • Местоположение | Kemiönsaari
  • примене́ние | Residential building
  • Конструктор/Клиент | Private
  • Архитектурный дизайн | Helin & Co Architects
  • Фотографии | Pekka Helin
  • Текст | Pekka Helin