Pikku Jonttu

Pikku Jonttu is located on the same site as the Jonttu house, but overlapping it. It is a basic house, designed for a high-density environment, which supplements the surrounding area of scattered houses.

The house opens onto the park on the south side of the site, but is closed in on the north side. The living spaces on the ground floor are linked to the terrace with large sliding windows. The overhanging eaves shelter the south-facing bedrooms on the upper floor from the hottest summer sunshine. The sauna and plant rooms are in the basement.

The aim was to build a house out of solid wood, to bring the log-house aesthetic up to date and to meet the increasingly strict energy-saving requirements with timber construction. A double log-frame was developed for the structure, in-filled with blown wood-fibre insulation. A draught-proof paper barrier was fixed on the outer side of the inner frame.

The surfaces of the spruce logs are painted in white oil paint and the pine window frames are treated with a translucent finish. The eaves were built unfashionably long and overhanging and elsewhere too, the aim has been to construct a sustainable house.

Proyecto en breve

Pikku Jonttu

  • Ubicación | Espoo
  • Utilidad | Residential building
  • Área total | 111 m2
  • Diseño arquitectónico | AFKS Architects
  • Diseño estructural | Mika Lammintakanen / Honkatalot Oy
  • Pääurakoitsija | SCC
  • Fotografías | Kimmo Räisänen
  • Texto | Jaakko Keppo