Daycare Center Tillinmäki

The character of the Tillinmäki daycare centre is derived from the dynamic tension generated between a closed external form and a warm, small-scale internal courtyard.

The courtyard spaces also have a dual character; the children can play outside either in unspoilt nature or in the sheltered courtyard. The landscaping of the courtyard welds the outdoor spaces together as a whole. The same kind of dialogue is generated between the hall and the lobbies where courtyard and foyer spaces are linked together.

A small-scale spatial game between foyer and playground is revealed within the shelter of the courtyard where play-spaces overlap indoors and outdoors. On the courtyard side, the material used is heat-treated timber. It is used in walls, canopies and even under the canopy on the entrance terrace. The courtyard is closed in the evening with a big sliding gate.

The street elevation is clad in zinc sheeting pre-treated to give a greenish patina. The elevations are articulated by the main windows of the group rooms, bordered by a wood frame to soften the zinc-faced wall. The sculptural entrance hall is designed to be inviting with wood finishes treated in oil-based wood preservative.

The heat-treated wood finishes in the courtyard have been given an easy-to-maintain oiled finish incorporating UV protection. The wooden parts on the courtyard side are protected by canopies to prevent the surfaces from turning grey.

The building has a site-built timber frame strengthened with steel elements, while the emergency shelter and lowest floor slab are in reinforced concrete.

Le projet en bref

Daycare Center Tillinmäki

  • Emplacement | Espoo
  • Emploi | Daycare centre
  • Maître d’ouvrage/Client | Espoon tilakeskus liikelaitos
  • Superficie totale | 1 285 m2
  • Conception architecturale | A-Konsultit architects
  • Conception structural | Wise Group Finland Oy / Tero Nylander
  • Décoration intérieure | A-Konsultit / Tapani Lehtinen
  • Pääurakoitsija | Rakennuskartio oy
  • Photos | Jussi Tiainen
  • Texte | Jyrki Iso-Aho