Muuraiskallio Cabin

The starting points for the design were the sauna cottage built previously on the site, and a 30 m² footprint on which the summer cabin was to be built to accommodate a family of four. The old sauna and the new cabin overlap when viewed fromthe cliff. The aim was to build a counterpart for the sauna which would match it in colour and character, and yet be conceptually different.

Muuraiskallio Cabin is rectangular in form with an embedded terrace. The building is balloon framed with a pitched roof. The terrace and cold storeroom lend additional space to the compact living area.

Wood is used to generate subtle nuances and ambience. The exterior cladding is rough sawn boarding greyed with ferrous sulphate solution to achieve the silvery patina of weathered wood. Reddish brown battening brings warmth to the terrace. The curved internal fingerboard panel wall rests visually against the calm backdrop of the wide floorboards and the smooth panelling of the straight walls.

The cabin’s large windows form an axis through the building, offering views from the dining table of both lake and forest.

Le projet en bref

Muuraiskallio Cabin

  • Emplacement | Luumäki
  • Emploi | Summer house
  • Maître d’ouvrage/Client | Hilkka Lehtonen and Heikki Lehtonen
  • Conception architecturale | Sari Knuuti, maisema-arkkitehti MARK and Teemu Tuomi, arkkitehti SAFA
  • Photos | Sari Knuuti
  • Texte | Sari Knuuti and Teemu Tuomi