The Holappa House

The house is on a south-facing slope, set in the middle of the block to protect it from prying eyes. It is surrounded by a protected grove of trees, still in their natural state. The sheltered location and the variety of buildings in the vicinity gave the designers a free hand in the design of the building.

The house was built as a simple rectangular shape on three levels. The living spaces are located on the top floor with magnificent views of the valley below. The entrance and the bedrooms are on the ground floor, while the sauna and other utility rooms are in the basement.

The elevations are of batten-profiled boarding, but on three of the sides the battens are separated from the elevation to form a sheltering terrace zone around the house. All the rooms have access to the terrace, the most used space in the house. In darkness, the terrace is lit up and illuminates the surroundings like a lantern.

Le projet en bref

The Holappa House

  • Emploi | Residential building
  • Maître d’ouvrage/Client | Holappa Family
  • Conception architecturale | Archeus Oy
  • Conception structural | Insinööritoimisto Taponen-Heiskari
  • Photos | Arno de la Chapelle