Sawn and planed timber

In the Land of the Northern Lights, trees grow slowly. This means a larger heartwood and denser grain structure with smaller than average branches for the type of wood. Around half of the timber logs we use are spruce (Picea abies) and the other half are pine (Pinus sylvestris).

The shipping mark of Veljekset Vaara, V-V, has always been renowned as the mark of densely grained wood from the Land of the Northern Lights and the precision of manufacturing. Nowadays Veljekset Vaara uses the V-V mark on all its products so that the end user knows where quality comes from.

Our fourth generation ensures that our uncompromising professional competence used to manufacture products from the slowly maturing, densely grained wood is recognised by the quality stamp of Veljekset Vaara. All sawn and planed timber carry the CE mark.

Sawn and planed timber precisely dimensioned to the customer’s requirements

In addition to our standard dimensions for sawn timber, we also manufacture high quality wooden panels for use in interior design and construction. Thanks to our highly automated, computer controlled production, we are able to tailor timber goods to dimensions specified by the customer and even made with their own profiles.

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