Verso sawn timber components

Versowood makes various components for the needs of its corporate customers. The sawn timber is cut according to usage requirement and it is processed for the use of the door and window industry into casing and frame components, moulded blanks for the furniture industry or as intermediate slats for the parquet industry.

From effective and flexible production, finger-jointed and branchless components of high value and cut to specific lengths are obtained, in addition to variable lengths optimized for various applications.

Intermediate parquet slat

The raw material for parquet-based intermediate slats is produced as a byproduct of the sawmill industry. Versowood makes slats by gluing a mat which is composed of the parquet base section. The parquet makers machine the mat into a ready product. Due to the intermediate slat, the parquet maker’s production gains in efficiency and he can concentrate on his own core expertise.

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