KoskiFlex very thin birch plywood

KoskiFlex is, as its name suggests, very flexible thin plywood made from Finnish birch. KoskiFlex is available in a variety of thicknesses. The advantages of KoskiFlex’s flexibility are best shown in thicknesses under 2.0mm.

KoskiFlex has a beautiful, satin, joint free birch veneer surface. Because of its unique properties KoskiFlex thin plywood is suitable for application demanding a beautiful wood appearance such as interior design elements, lamps and jewellery. The surface of KoskiFlex is also easy to treat like any other wood surface;. it can be waxed, painted, oiled or lacquered or it can simply be left untreated so that the birch veneer’s natural beauty comes to the fore.

KoskiFlex is well suited to different kinds of machining. It can be easily worked with all normal woodworking machinery, artists’ tools and model making equipment. It can also be cut with a laser or waterjet which allows the production of different shapes for product packing, jewellery, toys or scale models. In addition to laser and waterjet cutting KoskiFlex thin plywood is suitable for printing. KoskiFlex can be used for the production of printed invitation cards, business cards or labels. The light veneer surface allows vivid colours to stand out.

KoskiFlex thin plywood’s veneers are glued with a special adhesive containing pulp and textile fibres, this produces a product which is both stable and flexible. KoskiFlex is easy to bond with other materials.

KoskiFlex thin plywood is an ecological choice, the birch veneers used in its manufacture are procured from Finnish, certified forests. In addition wood is easy to recycle.

Advantages of KoskiFlex thin birch plywood

  • flexible material
  • strong and durable birch plywood
  • excellent techical properties
  • joint-free face veneer
  • easy working properties
  • easy to stain, wax and lacquer
  • good bonding properties
  • ecological
  • good printing quality
  • smooth, and tough
  • can be cut with both laser and waterjet
  • a creative alternative to cardboard  and paper
  • good acoustic properties
  • toy safety EN 71-3 certificated

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