KoskiPly economy thin birch plywood

Cross-banded thin plywood made from tightly-peeled birch veneers is an engineered wood product designed for technically demanding end uses requiring a strong but thin plywood board.

All KoskiPly economy thin plywood boards are made from tightly-peeled solid and joint-free birch veneers. The face veneers are 0.5mm thick and core veneers 1.0mm thick. The Joint-free face creates a beautiful panel with a light, solid and homogeneous appearance; this makes KoskiPly economy thin plywood suitable for decorative end uses such as furniture, interior design elements, wall panels and decorative items. The birch plywood panels can be waxed, stained, lacquered or even left as they are to showcase the light appearance of the birch and its unique grain pattern.

KoskiPly economy thin plywood is available in thicknesses of 3.0mm upwards. The plywood is an engineered wood product with excellent bending strength properties and it is a good choice for technically demanding engineering applications. Thin plywood is used when a strong and robust material is required and its applications include the manufacture of canoes, boats, scale models, guitars, drums and loud speakers.

KoskiPly economy is easily worked with all normal woodworking and artists’ tools and can be cut by both laser & waterjet. When cut with a laser or waterjet the boards can be worked to produce the most inspiring shapes and create the finest details.

KoskiPly economy thin plywood is available in thicknesses of up to 60 mm and thanks to its multi-layered construction the composite panel is unbelievably tough and strong.

KoskiPly economy thin plywood boards are available both for exterior and interior applications. Thin plywood’s excellent bending strength creates a multitude of possibilities for technically demanding furniture, interior design, and construction applications. Thin plywood made from birch is an ecological and easily recyclable choice.

Advantages of KoskiPly economy thin plywood

  • economical material
  • homogeneous, decorative and light surface of a consistently high quality
  • excellent bending strength
  • strong and light option for a multitude of applications
  • easy machining and surface treatment
  • taint and odour free
  • environmentally friendly
  • suitable for laser and waterjet cutting
  • good shock and vibration resistance
  • good acoustic properties
  • toy safety EN 71-3

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