Verso bridges

Versowood Group has made wooden bridges for almost 30 years. Active operations and high-quality products have indeed raised traditional wooden bridge construction to a whole new level of appreciation. Due to the development of gluing methods and new structural solutions, the number of wooden bridges has once again surged after the concrete bridge period of the 1970s and 1980s.

A light wooden bridge does not need massive foundations, but it is nevertheless highly capable of supporting loads and is suitable for heavy traffic as well. Versowood’s bridges are assembled with weatherproofed, class A pine laminated timber, which is highly competitive.

The bridges or bridge elements are delivered in accordance with the client’s drawings and work reports at the stage of readiness agreed. The general practice is that the local building contractor completes the foundations and Versowood then installs the bridge it has made in place. However, Versowood Group can also take full responsibility for the design, construction and installation of the bridge. Wooden bridges which are even 30 metres in length can be assembled from beginning to end in the factory and then installed completely in place.

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