Fire protected timber

Fire-protected exterior cladding is suitable for using at sites that have P1 or P2 fire cover categories (treatment facilities, public buildings). Industrial treatment ensures a multi-stage, certified and fire-protected wooden product. Initial treatment includes wood surface absorption of an agent that prevents blue stain fungus, mildew and rotting, after which the product is coated with fire-protected paint. Finally, the product is undercoated with the desired shade.

Euroclass B-s1, d0 for exterior cladding wood. Fire protection uses TEKNOSAFE 2407 fire-protection primer, that when heated swells to form a protective foam layer on the surface of the wood. The surface paint provides protection against weather strain and makes the surface very durable. The fire protection coating system comprises a combination of wood protection, fire-protection primer and two coats of surface paint that, with the exception of the outermost surface coating, is coated industrially.

The benefits of industrial fire protection:

  • cost-effectiveness
  • protective treatment conducted under controlled conditions
  • on-site construction is speeded up
  • the highest fire-protection category P1 is achieved.

All exterior cladding profiles are available with fire protection.

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