E.T. Mouldings

The right moulding for the right location

E.T. Mouldings Oy offers an extremely wide selection of planed mouldings, profiles and panels. All wood mouldings manufactured by us are high-quality Finnish pine. Many moulding models and panels are available in MDF, ready finished or coated. Compare the various moulding models and profiles. Artistically shaped mouldings are characteristic of renovations and traditional interior design styles. Modern interior décor tends to be restful, featuring large, smooth surfaces. Construction mouldings and panels can also be combined to achieve pleasantly varying patterns and details.

Base mouldings

Classical style, modern lines. Superb surfaces, beautiful shades. ET base mouldings create a refined sense of style for the décor. Choose MDF or wood base mouldings depending on the function.

Cover strips

Piquant shapes and traditionally elegant lines. The extensive selection of ET cover strips makes it  easy to find the style that best fits your décor.

Cornice strips

ET cornice strips put the crowning touch on a stylish décor. Our extensive selection includes mouldings for various ceiling materials, colours and styles. Select a MDF or wood cornice strip depending on the function.

Edge strips

Edge strips put the finishing touch on surfaces and materials. ET edge strips are made from MDF or beautiful Finnish wood. They keep their shape and their refined appearance.

Smooth planed mouldings

Smooth planed mouldings represent Finnish wood at its most beautiful. Smooth planed mouldings suit a wide variety of décors as well as renovations.

Round mouldings

When shapes should speak and you want a softer interface with the décor, choose ET round mouldings; they are manufactured from Finnish wood.

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