KoskiPaint birch plywood

KoskiPaint is Finnish birch or combi plywood, one side of which is overlaid with a special painting film. The thick, hot pressed coating gives a durable and uniform surface. The reverse side is coated with a phenolic resin based balancer or white melamine film. Alternatively both sides can be coated with painting film.

KoskiPaint features

  • easy painting
  • savings in painting costs and time
  • smooth and uniform paint finish
  • reduced risk of surface rippling and checking due to moisture variations

The factory applied painting film makes painting easy and fast, and provides for a smooth long lasting paint finish. For most applications only two coats are needed, wich means considerable savings in costs. The board is suitable for interior and exterior use.

KoskiPaint applications

  • doors, interior cladding
  • farm building
  • vehicle bodies and sidewalls
  • signs and billboards
  • sporting equipment

More information on Koskisen’s website.

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