CLT-frame contracts

We are an experienced supplier of CLT-frame contracts for public and private housing: apartment houses, schools, offices and industrial buildings.

We supply contractors with CLT-elements mounted on site. Use of solid wood elements will shorten the building time and is an ecological choice. The element will form a finished interior wall and a natural vapor barrier, absorbing and releasing humidity according to the prevalent conditions. Installing fixed furniture or embedding cabling into the solid wood is easy.

Due to its structural stiffness and load bearing capability, CLT-construction offers many architectural possibilities. CLT-element is a fire safe, vibration free and ecological construction material. We supply elements with installation and finished as required.

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The benefits of CLT-construction

  • The CLT-element forms both the finished interior surface and load bearing structure, reducing finishing time significantly.
  • The elements are manufactured in advance in controlled conditions and delivered to the construction site as needed, resulting in less need for on site storage and reducing on site building time.
  • Solid wood elements have good sound and heat insulation properties. The element is stiff and almost vibration free.
  • Good fire resistance. The solid wood will char, but resists fire and maintains its structural bearing capabilities in the case of fire.
  • Ecology. In the manufacturing of CLT-elements even the second grade wood can be utilized resulting in efficient use of the log and smaller carbon footprint. Sustainable and fast grown wood species are used in the manufacturing of the elements.
  • Health benefits. The natural surface of the solid wood elements absorbs and releases humidity according to the prevalent conditions, creating a comfortable and healthy indoor air. According to many studies, wood, as an interior surface, is considered aesthetically beautiful and calming.

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