Puuinfo’s new website has been published!

Puuinfo’s internet services have been compiled for the new puuinfo.fi website. The site provides more information on wood construction and the use of wood for construction professionals and consumers. Outdated information has been removed and efforts have been made to reduce the advertising nature of the pages.

Finding information has been made easier with clearer and more straightforward directories and a new search function. Completely new sections are the Wood architecture and Education pages. The Wood architecture section consists of projects published in the Wood Magazine. In the future, the Finnish Wood award voting will also be held on the Puuinfo.fi website. As a novelty, the Education section contains materials for continuous professional training materials for structural designers for self-study. Dozens of video lessons and their presentation materials with example calculations and exercises can be found on the site. Unfortunately the Education section is only in Finnish.

The previous web addresses of puupaiva.com, woodarchitecture.fi and woodproducts.fi will remain in use, but they will be redirected to similar sections on the new site in the future. The Epuu.fi service remains its own well-defined website. Its fire regulation tool and structure selection tool are utilized on the new puuinfo.fi website.

The reform was done because the technical platform of the previous sites became obsolete and will no longer be maintained. The visual appearance of the new website has been harmonized with the Wood Magazine so that in the future Puuinfo’s services will be more uniform. The new website will initially be published in Finnish and in English. Other languages will be added to the system during the autumn.

The number of visitors to the Puuinfo.fi website has increased by 60 per cent in the first half of the year. We hope the new website will serve You better than before. We would like to hear your thoughts on the content and function of the new site to improve it. Feedback can be sent to  info@puuinfo.fi.

Sincerely yours,
Mikko Viljakainen
Managing Director of Puuinfo