House Villa Frida

The design of this semi-detached house in the Empire-style centre of Porvoo accounts for the large trees in the yard. The plot is located on the corner of Rauhankatu and Aleksanterinkatu. The design allows for as much of the permitted building area as possible to remain a shared yard area.

The apartments also have private outdoor areas with glass ceilings and walls made of vertical wooden bars. The first-storey floors were elevated to the same level as those of the older buildings to make the ramp to the underground garage as short as possible.

The basement was cast on-site, and the intermediate floor is made of hollow-core slab elements. The external walls and roof have wooden structures. The facades consist of vertical wooden bars. The wooden cladding continues on the terrace walls, giving the different parts of the house a harmonious appearance.


House Villa Frida

  • Местоположение | Porvoo
  • примене́ние | Residential building
  • Конструктор/Клиент | Families Nieminen & Vähäkangas
  • Общая площадь | 650 m2
  • Архитектурный дизайн | Heikkinen Komonen Architects
  • Конструктивное проектирование | Insinööritoimisto Kalervo Kakko Ky
  • Pääurakoitsija | Lapin teollisuusrakennus Oy
  • Фотографии | Tuomas Uusheimo
  • Текст | Mikko Heikkinen