Virvelinranta Resource Centre

The resource centre in Hämeenlinna for the seriously disabled is located by Lake Vanajavesi near Hämeenlinnanväylä. A gardener’s residence, built in the 1880s, was preserved on the plot and the new buildings were grouped around it.

Wood was considered as a natural material for construction in the immediate vicinity of an old building. The goal was to create a village-like atmosphere instead of a uniform facility building. The buildings were placed to establish protected yard areas and opened up views towards Lake Vanajavesi.

The centre has facilities for daily activities of the disabled, sheltered homes and facilities for services for the disabled. The daily activity centre is the biggest building. It has a restaurant, a hall, bath section, various therapy facilities and three sections for daily activities. The inner court, opening up over Lake Vanajavesi towards the Hämeenlinna city centre, is the heart of the building.

The residential units are in three buildings: a row house, an atrium house and a semi-detached house. The row house has apartments for those capable of living on their own. Those in need of more support live in the semi-detached house or the atrium house, which also have shared facilities. A terrace, protected with a glulam garland lattice, brings more privacy for the apartments with a view to the yard. The lattice provides sunshade for the apartments with a view to the South.

Wood is the primary façade material. The building group on the motorway side is plastered. The wooden facades’ oil paint, reminiscent Swedish farm paint, creates a connection with traditional village environments.

The buildings were completed in spring 2010.

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Virvelinranta Resource Centre

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