Koskisen sawn timber, pine

Finnish pine sawn timber with precise dimensions

Our pine is used worldwide for high-quality furniture, interior lining products as well as industrial construction. Pine timber is dried and graded using a combination of state-of-the-art technology and careful control carried out by our skilled employees. This is done according to the requirements of each end use. Good drying, precise dimensions and grading are the strengths of our products.

Beautiful pinetree

Pine is a straight-trunked coniferous tree with no branches on the lower third of the trunk. It usually grows in a light, dry place or in a soil low in nutrients. Pine is easy to work and has clearly distinguishable darker heartwood and yellowish or reddish white sapwood.

Very good rot resistance is intrinsic to the heartwood. Pine also has very good properties when it comes to moisture and heat. The density of the wood usually varies from 450 kg/m3 to 550 kg/m3 (Mc 12-15 %).

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