Verso Glulam products

Laminated timber offers, due to its lightness, outstanding structural advantages and technical benefits in installation. Laminated timber can be utilized both in small application sites and in the supporting structures of large sports and community arenas. Due to its attractive surface, it is also well-suited to other applications such as public facilities, stadiums, schools and children’s playgrounds.

Versowood has strong expertise and versatile experience in the realization of various laminated timber structures and buildings. The company is capable of offering project-based tailor-made solutions by means of which highly innovative structures can be realized.

Laminated timber structures and their potential should already be taken into account during the starting stage of the planning process. Versowood offers the use of its planning service to its customers, a facility that is familiar with the limitations and possibilities of laminated timber and takes responsibility for accuracy in the correct use of structures. Projects which have been realized can be seen in the image gallery.

Applications appropriate for laminated timber:

  • community arenas
  • public facilities
  • sports arenas, libraries, schools, children’s nurseries
  • industrial halls
  • farm buildings
  • stadiums
  • pergolas
  • hypermarkets
  • one-family houses
  • playgrounds
  • blocks of flats

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