Surface painted timber

Industrially shaded, twice surface painted exterior cladding not only saves paint at the worksite, but also a vast amount of work. All that is left to do at the worksite is a quick cosmetic paint finish for nail marks and surface.

Surface painting is a treatment stage where a single coat of primer with two coats of surface paint is applied to the three visible surfaces of ready timber in accordance with the instructions issued by the paint supplier.

The benefits of industrial surface painting:

  • ensures an even-quality end result, as the humidity of the timber and coating conditions are constant
  • final treatments ensure the panels better endure outdoor strain
  • protects wood from dampness and sunlight
  • the ready application of surface paint reduces the amount of work to be conducted on the building

All exterior cladding profiles are available primed, undercoated and surface painted. The product information page shows the standard shades of primer in addition to e.g. profile images, dimensions, photographs and technical data.

For all wood priming we use Teknos industrial surface treatment products.

More information on Veljekset Vaara’s website.

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