Four-cornerd villa

The cross-shaped villa offers views in four different directions. The house is situated on a horseshoe-shaped island in Vaskivesi lake.

The building’s shape is both open and closed at the same time. The flat roof comprises a warmly ironic reference to modern architecture. The exterior has been treated in black as a contrast to the white wooden interior surfaces. The dark colour hides the villa when viewed from the lake.

The wood-heated villa is strongly insulated. There is no running water and electricity is produced using solar panels. The aim was to build a carbon neutral holiday home.

Vegetables, root crops and herbs are grown on the plot. The adjacent Vaskivesi is a popular fishing lake. The villa offers a possibility for simple living with no impact on the island’s ecosystem.


Four-cornerd villa

  • ロケーション | Vaskivesi, Virrat
  • 用途 | Summer house
  • コンストラクター/クライアント | The Architect
  • Investointikustannukset | 150000€
  • 建築デザイン | Avanto Architects Ltd
  • 構造設計 | Konstru Oy
  • 写真 | Avanto Architects Ltd
  • テキスト | Ville Hara