Espoo sprint bridge

The Leppävaara Sports Park has been equipped with a sprint skiing track that meets international requirements. A bridge for light traffic was designed to cross over the track where it intersects with a light traffic pathway.

The bridge deck structure consists of longitudinal cross-tensioned glulam beams. The bridge’s longitudinal plan deck, which is made from sawn timber, lies over the glulam beams.

In terms of vertical geometry, the bridge has a radius of R=140 metres in its longitudinal direction.

The handrails are made from wood and clad with polycarbonate sheets.

The bridge deck is supported by steel-reinforced concrete ground supports driven into the ground with single-layered bearings.

The girders have grass planted around them and the front slope is covered with crushed rock. Wood planters have also been placed along the front and side walls of the ground supports.

Projekt in Kürze

Espoo sprint bridge

  • Lage | Leppävaara Sports Park, Espoo
  • Verwendungszweck | Light traffic bridge
  • Bauherr/Auftraggeber | City of Espoo
  • Architektonische Planung | Sitowise
  • Tragwerksplanung | Sito
  • Lieferant der Holzkomponenten | Versowood Oy