Housing development 5 Klippinkiä

5 Klippinkiä is a housing development within the Espoo Housing Fair area. It is one approach to the problem of high-density, low-rise housing constructed in wood. The plan and its links with the surroundings are derived from the site itself. The solution is based on the idea of a linked house with a narrow plan, which can be constructed from 3- dimensional elements.

The entrance is to the south and the visitor passes through a herb garden to reach the entrance porch/veranda. The kitchen, dining area and the veranda collect the midday sunshine and reflect it into the inner parts of the house. The living room and balcony open up towards the evening sunshine.

The entrance courtyard is bounded by outbuildings, and the veranda forms a flexible backup space for the home, which can be used as a living space or playroom, or for storage or gardening. The utility room can also be used as a ‘wet-end’ entrance or for storing equipment for outdoor pursuits.

The kitchen opens onto a covered terrace, while the dining area forms a spacious area in combination with the living room. The bedrooms and sauna suite are on the upper floor. The double-height spaces connecting the storeys together provide a wonderful feeling of spaciousness.

Strong colours have been used on the elevations, but the light-coloured wooden louvers give a soft light to the interior, while the play of light and shade on the façade gives the impression of a relief.

Project in brief

Housing development 5 Klippinkiä

  • Location | Kauklahti, Espoo
  • Purpose | residential building
  • Constructor/Client | Skanska-kodit
  • Architectural Design | Päivi Halme, Arkkitehtitoimisto Kaisa Vepsäläinen
  • Structural design | Metsäliiton puutuoteteollisuus/ Finnforest
  • Pääurakoitsija | Skanska-talonrakennus
  • Wood component supplier | Metsäliiton puutuoteteollisuus/ Finnforest
  • Photographs | Voitto Niemelä
  • Text | Päivi Halme