Pistohiekka Resort

Pistohiekka sauna-restaurant is the first step towards rebuilding the Pistohiekka resort area which flourished until the 1980s but has since disappeared. The project brings long-awaited services back to the area in the form of a lakeside sauna and a restaurant.

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Pistohiekka sauna-restaurant is one of the key development sites in Studio Puisto’s design for developing tourism and wood construction in Pistohiekka. The concept boasts a strong design aesthetic based on a central, curved outdoor space with the restaurant and sauna spaces spiraling around it.

The buildings are situated on a lakeside lot amongst existing trees where they blend into the delicate Saimaa scenery with their dark exteriors, contrasted by the inviting and warm light wooden interiors. In the sauna-restaurant itself, the lakeside sceneries and terraced outdoor leisure areas play an important part. The guests can enjoy summertime sunsets between high-quality restaurant meals and leisurely lounging in the sauna.

The starting point for the Pistohiekka sauna-restaurant was the magnificent location, situated between rocky areas in a tranquil cove. The set of buildings designed along with the overall development design for the area was refined together with the project owner into a unique overall concept highlighting the special aspects of the area and making the resort a place worth visiting even from further away. With the different features of the area carefully considered in the placement of the buildings, the result is a concept where two buildings seem to invite the surrounding scenery in, creating exteriors and interiors where you can always admire the beautiful Saimaa sceneries regardless of the weather.

The curved inner courtyard of the restaurant creates viewpoints both in and out of the building, and the covered sauna exteriors with a unique, round opening in the roof create a thematic link between the buildings. Thanks to a team of top professionals, the process from design to construction and all the way to the finished result went smoothly and quickly, and the original concept truly shines in the end result thanks to the determination of the project owners and the skill level of the contractors.

Aluekonsepti ja rakennuskonsepti suunniteltiin 2018-2019. Ehdotus- ja  yleissuunnittelu 2019-2020. Toteutussuunnittelu valmistui 2021 ja rakentaminen toteutettiin 2021-2022. Rakennus otettiin käyttöön kesäkuussa 2022.


The Studio Puisto, is a Nordic architecture firm specialising in creating sustainable human experiences through the use of regenerative architecture. The Studio Puisto design approach is centred around design that creates impact, endures, and connects with the natural environment. We use collaborative and human-centred design methods when working with clients which are rooted in actively listening and observing in order to find the true solutions to each project. Our portfolio includes a wide range of projects, from premium hotels and resorts to boutique restaurants and spas, with highlights from regions such as Europe, Middle East, and Northeast Asia. At Studio Puisto, we’re passionate about creating sustainable human experiences that are not only beautiful, but also functional and efficient. We believe that great design can enhance people’s lives and create lasting memories, and we’re committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in sustainable architecture.

Project in brief

Pistohiekka Resort

  • Location | Puumala
  • Purpose | Sauna and restaurant
  • Constructor/Client | Pistohiekka Sauna Oy
  • Valmistumisvuosi | 2022
  • Floor area | 315 m2
  • Total area | 315 m2
  • Volume | 1 105 m3
  • Architectural Design | Studio Puisto Arkkitehdit Oy
  • Structural design | Rakennuskonsultointi K-Suunnittelu Oy
  • LVIA-suunnittelu | Esmitek Oy
  • Electrical design | Rejlers
  • Interior design | Studio Puisto Arkkitehdit Oy
  • Muut suunnittelijat ja asiantuntijat | Contract consulting Granlund Mikkeli Oy
  • Pääurakoitsija | Saimaan Seudun Erikoisrakentajat Oy
  • Photographs | Marc Goodwin Archmospheres
  • Text | Studio Puisto