Haukkamäki School

Haukkamäki School was completed in 1899. In the 1910s, a two-storey wing was added, at right angles to the original building. This wing was extended during the following decade. The main storey is of log construction clad in timber boarding. The walls of the lower floor are in stone or massive brickwork. The school building is protected in the town plan.

The latest extension is the fourth stage in the history of building at the school. The extension houses an assembly hall with auxiliary rooms, two classrooms and a dining room bridging the old and new sections.

The layout of the fine, brick-built original building has been preserved and the original atmosphere reinstated. The construction has been repaired with a degree of modesty. Nothing has been done to the timber cladding on the facades, but the sheet-metal roof has been renovated. The internal surfaces of the log-construction walls have been clad with two layers of fibreboard which can breathe, and the upper parts of the fibreboard walls have been papered while the lower parts have peen panelled in wood. The panelled ceiling finishes have been exposed and renovated. Colours revealed in the building were used for the interior finishes.

The new extension is of timber construction, with the columns and roof trusses in laminated timber. The external walls are clad in vertical spruce boarding finished with oil paint. The colour selected for the new building is the same yellow ochre used in the old.

The internal walls are boarded and finished in birch ply. The ceiling and the upper parts of the walls in the assembly hall are clad in untreated sawn spruce boarding, while the lower parts of the walls are clad in planed pine panelling with plywood mouldings. Floors, stairs and the bridge over the dining room are in laminated timber.

Project in brief

Haukkamäki School

  • Location | Karkkila
  • Purpose | School
  • Constructor/Client | Karkkilan kaupunki
  • Architectural Design | Kari Järvinen and Merja Nieminen Architects SAFA
  • Structural design | Insinööritoimisto Konstru Oy
  • Pääurakoitsija | Karkkilan Rakennus Ka-Ra Oy
  • Photographs | Kimmo Räisänen and Hans Koistinen
  • Text | Kari Järvinen