Kerto® LVL L-panel

Kerto® LVL L-panel is an ideal material for light-duty and non-load-bearing applications. The L-panel is designed for both horizontal and vertical use. Large L-panel sizes ensures material efficiency and minimises installation time.

Kerto LVL L-panel with thicknesses of 27–75 mm fulfil the requirements for strength class LVL 25 C, and thicknesses of 21–24 mm fulfil the requirements for strength class LVL 22 C.


  • Components for light-duty or non-load-bearing applications
  • Interior ceilings and floors


  • Good strength-to-weight ratio, approx. 20% of the veneers are oriented in a crosswise direction
  • Large light-weight panels up to 2,500 mm wide, 20 m long
  • Up to 10% better thermal conductivity (λ-value) than Kerto LVL Q-panel

More information: Kerto® LVL Products

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