Digital era challenges print magazines

Digital copies of Wood magazine from as early as 1999 are available online at Puuinfo’s website. I highly recommend you go and take a look. Personally, I really enjoyed looking through the lead editorials from Pekka Heikkinen published between 2004 and 2014. Heikkinen goes into his own relationship with wood, makes his case for a better future for wood construction, grumbles a little and also notes that its pays to grumble (Puu 3/2011).

Wood magazine has moved with the times for more than 40 years and made changes as needed since it was first published in 1980. The magazine had a circulation of 20,000 at the beginning of the 2000s, came out in 4 languages, and had a quarter of its print run sent abroad. Today, Wood magazine is published in Finnish and English and has a print run of 9,000. Puuinfo’s strategy aims to triple this distribution. “Wood magazine thrives thanks to the excellence of our projects.” wrote Heikkinen in issue 4/2010 of the magazine.

The magazine needs both to continue covering projects and to expand into new areas in today’s environment. Readers want to read the printed edition of Wood magazine, but these are expensive to produce with postage being our biggest cost. We can certainly increase our circulation, but we need to explore new ways of squaring the economic circle.

In the end, content remains king for our magazine. Our income and expenses both stem from how attractive our magazine is. We want to create an engaging magazine, increase our advertising revenue, and expand our readership. Help us make our content even better than before! Please send us your feedback on the e-articles. Meeting the needs of our readers will always be integral to our future.

Text: Anu Turunen, Managing director, Puuinfo

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