Raasepori museum and the Chappe art house

A new art museum addition rounds out the Raasepori museum’s Ekta building and the Pro Artibus foundation’s Galleria Elverket. The art museum was commissioned by the Albert de la Chapelle art foundation and designed by JKMM Arkkitehdit Oy.

Pohtograph: JKMM Arkkitehdit

To best serve its purpose, this new building is a hybrid construction of concrete and wood. Dark-hued spruce beams on the façades help this newcomer bond with its picturesque wooden neighbours, forming the city’s cultural quarter together with the Raasepori museum and the Pro Artibus foundation Gallery Elverket.

For more information (in Finnish), see: https://jkmm.fi/fi/work/chappe-taiteentalo/

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