ePuu – service

During the last decade, 475 kindergartens and 293 schools were built in Finland. Despite the prevalence of projects, the use of wood often raises questions. The most common questions are fire regulations, possible construction methods and construction costs: can a nursery or school be built of wood, how can a wooden school or kindergarten be built and do they cost more than other similar projects?

The ePuu-service has been developed to address these issues. It is primarily
intended as a tool for clients of public wood construction projects, but also serves as a consultant to the project developer and designers. With the new ePuu-service, you may see how a wood building project differs from other construction and find out the fire regulations for the project. In addition,
the service allows you to explore different wooden structural systems and select the appropriate structural solutions for the project. You may also look at what similar projects in Finland have cost in the past and find companies that offer wooden solutions for project. Due to the national focus the service is only in Finnish.

Visit the service: epuu.fi

How can businesses join the ePuu service?

Puuinfo’s members and partners can have their products presented at the service.

When you want to join the service according to your company, it is most convenient to do so by joining Puuinfo as a basic or full partner (1,800 € / 5,000 € / year). You can join directly by sending an e-mail to info@puuinfo.fi or by calling Puuinfo on tel +358 (0) 10 2127 670.

Micro-enterprises can get their products in the product search for 500 € / product.